Hi, I'm Kevin, a

UI/UX Designer

I have been working in the game industry for over 10 years making delightful, easy-to-use interfaces and creating immersive experiences, welcome to my portfolio.

Mobile Game

Wizard of Oz Magic Match

I worked on this match-3 title of one fo the most iconic franchise in America. I established a strong visual consistency in-line with the brand, designed and implemented dozens of new gameplay and event features, as well as pushing the limit of user interaction with stunning and effective animation.

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I have been making games for 10+ year as a UI/UX Designer. I have been working on practically every console since the Playstation 2 and XBOX. Feel free to explore all the titles I have been working on.

Ninja Kingdom

Ninja Kingdom was an epic action-strategy game on Facebook where you would build your own village and designing your defense strategies.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

This AAA sequel of the blockbuster hit, Army of Two: The 40th Day is a unique third person action shooter with a co-op campaign.

Farmville Harvest Swap

Match-3 mobile game taking place in most iconic franchise from Zynga.

Freelance Client


I had the pleasure to work with Mattel on a couple of projects. This one was a great one, Barbie Sparkle Blast. This is a match-3 title utilizing the iconic Barbie brand. I was hired as a consultant to provide insights on User Experience as well as creating Marketing assets, App icons and the actual Logo of the game.

User Experience

I provided insightful feedbacks and shared suggestions with the goal of creating a seamless experience between the core loop and the closet feature, where users collect clothes and customize their Barbie character. I also helped the main flow of the game with my expertise in the match-3 category.

Marketing Assets

To support a big marketing effort, I created multiple app store screenshots, highlighting the main feature of the game, as well as promotional banners for advertisement. I also crafted the app icon, featuring the Barbie brand and the gems to quickly communicate the nature of the game.


We wanted to focus on the gems and shiny aspect of the gameplay, so we went with a custom gem/diamond beveled look for the word "Sparkle" and incorporated gems that are found in the gameplay. We also made sure that the Barbie brand identity was carefully implemented.

Freelance Client

Vivid Games

This was a proposal for a UI/UX redesign for the game Real Boxing. I was approached for user experience improvements as well as a visual overhaul of their successful game. Move the slider over the image to see the current screen, on the left, and the proposed one on the right.


I felt like the top navigation needed some decluttering. So I removed the currency and other wallet elements as well as highlighting the "Quick Play" option.

Visual Hierarchy

I tried to improve the visual hierarchy of certain elements to create an easier reading flow and processing of information.


One of my focus was to create an appealing badge for the middle part where special event and tournament are occurring to really drive engagement and excitement.

Clear CTA

On top of the appeal, it is important to have a clear CTA to guide the player's attention right where we want them to interact. I made the "Join" to look like a button and made it green to really pop out.